Metaline Colours

Metaline is an advanced aluminium based panel which is highly durable and flame retardant.

The front side of the panel has a gloss finish. The revere side side of the panel has a flat paint finish.

Please click your preferred colour. If the colour is not listed, click the "not listed" colour and enter the colour you require.

Argente Perle

Black Ice

Brushed Aluminium

Chartreuse Metallic

Icicle Metallic

Lagoon Metallic

Autumn Perle

Bronze Metallic

Champagne Perle

Diamond Ice

Iridium Metallic

Lipstick Red

Nimbus Metallic


Rubicon Perle

Smoked Silver Perle

Style Queen

Velocity Perle

Palladium Perle

Regal Creme

Silver Stream Perle


Tangelo Metallic