Drawer Fronts

All Box Profiles/Frames are suitable for use as drawer fronts.

Also, the 35 mm flat, the 40 mm flat and the 40 mm curved profiles/frames are suitable for drawer fronts but require a white MDF infill for fixing of the drawer front.

Alsert Doors automatically include this infill.

All other flat or curved profiles/frames are unsuitable for drawer fronts.

All handle applications except “No handle” can be utilised.

Drawer Front with Handle on Profile/Frame
Drawer Front with Handle on Profile/Frame and Insert
Back of Drawer with MDF Infill

Size Availability

  • Minimum Height: 130 mm
  • Maximum Height: 2400 mm
  • Minimum Width: 140 mm
  • Maximum Width: 2400 mm
  • Minimum Face Area: 0.035 Sq m
  • Maximum Face Area: 2.88 Sq m, for laminated glass inserts: 2.2 Sq m

10 year warranty on Alsert Doors, 5 year warranty on Mirror Doors.

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